Teenage fostering

Teenage fostering

Caring for a teenager can be challenging, but rewarding. Many teenagers in foster care will have lived through very unhappy experiences at home which can make them vulnerable. The support of a foster carer will be essential at this time.

What will I need to do?

When caring for a teenager you will need to:

  • show you have the commitment and ability to really listen to and accept a young person for who they are
  • support a young person to prepare them for independence by helping them to develop their practical skills such as cooking and budgeting
  • encourage and support them to access education and training opportunities
  • offer a safe and caring environment for a young person and help them maintain a relationship with their family
  • have a sense of humour. Caring for a teenager can be a frustrating and challenging experience, but equally offers many rewards.

What will I receive in return?

As a foster carer of teenagers, you will receive:

  • excellent training and an opportunity to undertake a QCF Diploma for the Children’s Workforce after a qualifying period
  • generous financial support, carers opting to care for teenagers will immediately be awarded the additional Payment for Skills for any teenager in placement
  • support from social work professionals who will be there to help and offer advice.

Carers who foster a young person aged 13 to 18 and who have completed some additional training during the approval process as well as the "Journey to Foster" course, can go directly to Skill Level 1 payment level which is currently £138.04 per teenager in your care per week on top of basic allowances.

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