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Dear foster carer

Have you been fostered in Warwickshire?

We are asking for you to help us to reach out to foster carers and people who may become one in the future to share your message of what foster care means for you.

As a care experienced young person who is either currently living with a foster family or has previously lived with one, we’d love to hear from you about the impact they have had on your life or what they can do to support you.

Your messages can help to share what makes a good foster carer, helping our carers and potential carers understand the skills they need to help our children and young people in care.

Think about:

What makes a fantastic foster carer?

How have your foster carers helped you?

Would you like your foster carers to do anything different?

What would you say to someone just becoming a foster carer?

How to get involved

If you want to get involved then you can submit your message in a format that suits you. You could write a letter or poem, draw or paint a picture or even record a message or video to your foster carers. This could be from the past, present or to future foster carers.

How to send your message

Think about what message you would like to send to your foster carer, you can send this through a format that works best for you.

Please submit your work (or ask a carer or guardian to submit on your behalf) by emailing with your name and age. Your entry will be kept anonymous, unless you complete the consent form and tell us that would like us to include your name and details. This will be emailed to you directly when you enter.

What happens next?

Your messages will be important in helping to share what skills are needed for our foster carers and how foster carers can impact upon the lives of our care experienced children and young people. We will share the entries we receive on our website, social media channel, in our promotional materials and internally with our team and as part of the training with our foster carers.