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Hey Foster Carer

Warwickshire County Council made a pledge (PDF, 281 KB) to our children in care that we would make sure they had a voice and could take part….. and so Hey Foster Carer was created.

We spoke to our care experienced community and asked them what they wanted from their foster carers and what they would say to anyone thinking about becoming one. With their contributions, we were able to create our Hey Foster Carer document which gives current foster carers and anyone gathering information a fantastic opportunity to hear the what our children and young people have to say.

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The Warwickshire Children in Care Council said:

‘Lots of children in Warwickshire don’t have families who can look after them. Becoming a foster carer would give you the opportunity to look after others and help kids get far in life. You would be helping children who are struggling, who need a good home, to get the right start. It will change your perspective of the world and you will see it from our eyes.’


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